Poemas de Soledad (2015)

Formato: voz y piano.

Duración: aproximadamente 7:30 minutos.

Score: Poemas de Soledad (2015) – Cordero PERUSAL

Estreno: –

Detalles sobre la pieza: Song cycle based on Lilia Boscán’s poems Poemas de soledad.

Lilia Boscán’s Poemas de Soledad expresses the feelings that a person goes through when the ones you love are no longer around. The loneliness and doubt are more present than ever, the images are not clear and you jump between moods, hope and regrets, happiness and sadness. The image of being in a dream is evoked in a manner of being lost. This composition for voice (preferably for Mezzo-soprano) and piano are centered in delivered that emptiness felt by the author in every word.

If possible, this song cycle should be performed in the afternoon when the sunlight pearly enters through the window. The twilight should be the only thing needed for its performance, in order to place the audience in the mental image of the writer.

Si deseas interpretar esta o alguna de mis piezas, ¡Contáctame! al correo corderoprod@gmail.com o por mis redes sociales y con gusto enviaré la partitura. Solo pido una pequeña cosa a cambio :) una grabación del performance (audio o video) y de ser posible, una foto del programa del evento. ¡Muchas gracias!